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Carolyn O’Neal-Morton - 1985

Carolyn O'Neal-Morton
UVI, formerly called CVI, means a great deal to me. This was the place where I got my first taste of tertiary education. It was not just an academic adventure that I embarked upon. Rather, it was an opportunity that I seized to learn more about the different people that I met both in my classes and around campus. I vividly remember how values such as teamwork, camaraderie and acceptance of different people were all experienced during my college days.

CVI, as I fondly remember, was the place where we had intramural activities which taught us about playing hard and winning in academic, cultural and other extra-curricular activities. We also established that loosing a game did not break our spirit, but made us learn to accept that in life there will be disappointments, and one must take them all in stride. Hence, my experience as a “Rebel”, residing in the leading dormitory (South of course!), was an extra special one. Whenever we returned from the games, even when we were unsuccessful, several persons thought we had won! We demonstrated that our loss on the court often meant that we had gained togetherness and fellowship with our campus brothers and sisters and the bonds just grew from strength to strength!

My CVI/UVI experience afforded me the chance to study in California for a year on the National Student Exchange (NSE). That was an opportunity that I really enjoyed and benefitted greatly from. UVI’s classes were small and afforded me the privilege of direct and frequent interaction with my professors. The extra-curricular activities were many. I thoroughly enjoyed and profited from Ideas and Issues sessions and my Spanish Club membership. I made many friends at CVI/UVI who I have maintained contact with up to today. In fact, I met my husband, Dale Morton at UVI. My skills of management and organization which were partially shaped and enhanced at CVI have helped me to hold several administrative positions in the British Virgin Islands. The University of the Virgin Islands is really a very special place to me – Happy 50th Birthday! 

Carolyn O’Neal-Morton is currently employed as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Culture for the Government of the British Virgin Islands.

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