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Albert Bryan - 2004

Albert Bryan
I’ve always wanted to be huge part of whatever happened in the Virgin Islands, and I knew that I would have to have the tools and personal growth that would ensure that I would be ready for the challenge. An MBA was one of the tools I thought I would need to give me the credibility. My honest motivation at the time was to get the “sheepskin,” put it in my arsenal and move on. What I found at UVI was a most welcome and pleasant surprise.

I know that the new trend is to get your MBA online and move on. It’s flexible and convenient to the working professional, but the rewards of the classroom and the instructors were invaluable. One of the most surprising benefits was the networking. It is the perfect medium to meet Virgin Islanders that are positive, progressive and want to invest in themselves with a solid education. The videoconference classes allow for you to connect with and gain the perspective from St. Thomians as well as St. Johnians. These are connections that I use every day as the same people dominate both the public and private sectors of our Territory.

Albert Bryan and UVI Director of Annual 
Giving and Alumni Affairs Linda I. Smith.

The other discovery was the wealth of untapped talent that passes through the University every day. As the Labor commissioner, I am well aware of the struggles of employers and job seekers to make the right “connect.” People say it’s not what you know, but who you know and networking is an integral part of becoming successful. If I don’t know you have the talent, I can’t tap into it. The graduate programs allowed us to see talents that extended beyond job descriptions and resume’ of the people we interacted with.

The relationships I forged coupled with the instruction and graduate experience I gained are the cornerstone of the personal growth I have attained during and after my graduation from UVI. If you plan to stay in the Virgin Islands and want to expand your educational portfolio, UVI is a must. Real problems of our Territory become the focus of your case studies, and real people who will eventually help solve them become lifelong colleagues, business associates and friends. 

Albert Bryan is now commissioner of labor in the U. S. Virgin Islands.

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