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Linette Rabsatt - 1999

Linette Rabsatt

Congratulations to the University of the Virgin Islands on the 50th anniversary! I am a proud graduate of the Class of 1999, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance.

I value the time I spent at UVI greatly because I feel that those four years made a remarkable impact on my life. I grew academically, professionally and mentally, and was able to seek opportunities that I would not have been privy to without my attending UVI. While I was somewhat strong academically, UVI challenged me to excel even in subjects that I was normally weak in. I can remember my days taking the then “Skills” English classes. However today, I write freelance in my spare time and I prepare speeches for official events. I was always weak in Literature, but with Dr. Vincent Cooper’s encouragement, today I am a poet who has had work published in an anthology and I have performed in the USVI, BVI and Guyana. A lot of the tips I use today for my professional writing, public speaking and professional etiquette came from what I learned at UVI. My tenure at UVI opened many doors for me including some amazing job opportunities. The preparation I received also provided me the launching point for winning a prestigious scholarship to Cornell University.

I am also very thankful for the student job that I had at the Helpdesk of the then Center for Administrative Computing, working along with Kirby Callendar, Vickie Lamkin, Devon Petty and the other students. It was a great experience that benefited me immensely.

Linette Rabsatt - UVI 1998 ID card
I graduated from UVI feeling confident and driven knowing that I made great connections with so many brilliant people and that my education was solid. During my junior year, I was able to take part in UVI’s Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders, and during my senior year, I was able to intern at the prestigious Austin Advertising Agency. To build my character and resume and to join in the student camaraderie, I joined Future Business Leaders of America and the Advertising Club.

I encourage any young person, especially my fellow Virgin Islanders, to take advantage of what UVI has to offer. “Historically American... Uniquely Caribbean... Globally Interactive...” perfectly describes what UVI has to offer any student. With a dynamic and enthusiastic staff and a diverse student body, any graduate should be ready to face today’s global working environment.

Kudos to UVI on a job well done!

Linette Rabsatt, mother of two children, poet and freelance writer, is currently employed with the Department of Agriculture in the British Virgin Islands.

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