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Lucia Woods - 1973

Lucia Woods
My four years at the College of the Virgin Islands (CVI) were some of my best years. When I graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School in June, 1969, I promised myself that I would become the teacher I had always dreamt that I would become. I also wanted to become part of the answer to the growing problem of teachers coming to the islands and leaving many times during the school year and disrupting the education of the students. I was determined to be one of the best teachers in the Virgin Islands after my graduation. By the way, I did become one of the best teachers and also went up the ladder to become a principal in the public school system in St. Thomas. Glory to God! My parents could not afford to pay for my education. God bless Ms. Jane E. Tuitt who accepted me into the Teacher Education program, with my promise to her that I would maintain a “B” or above average.

Lucia Woods - CVI 1972 Yearbook

The CVI experience was gratifying. We were all a big family, regardless of your island, color, age or gender. Personally my primary focus was my academic education, but on the other hand my social education was very important. I was active in volleyball, pool, golf and running cross country. I was one of the stars of the party life and led many of the carnival troupes. I was able to be part of the many discussions around that time about the operations of governments within the Caribbean and the Black Power movement. I participated in peaceful marches and led the singing at those marches. I had the distinct honor of being a student representative with the then Board of Trustees and was able to be a part of meaningful changes at the college, which included the abolition of curfew. The professors were very helpful to the students. The students also helped each other. We enjoyed the excellent learning environment of the college.

I was able bond with so many persons and I have lasting friendships. UVI’s well-rounded education was next to none for me. The foundation I received there has helped me greatly throughout my educational journey, which includes a doctorate. Now that I am in full-time ministry, I can see how the Lord was preparing me all along. Presently I am the pastor of Agape Total Life Center in Tortola, Virgin Islands. I am now able to affect changes in the natural as well as in the spiritual in the lives here and abroad.

God bless the University of the Virgin Islands. Thank you for being there for me.

Lucia Woods is now a pastor in Tortola.

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